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At the Social Business Hub, SmithMartin Partnership worked with some amazing projects and were delighted to make new contacts and be part of the Social Business scene in the East Midlands.

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Reflecting on the event, it is incredible to have experienced the buzz, the excitement and the real drive to get projects to work, to help people in the communities and to ensure that Social Business has a real place both in the commercial sector and the charitable sectors.

One of the questions posed by Roger Moors, CEO of SEEM, developing Social Businesses in the East Midlands, in the workshops that ran throughout the day, was about change in either of the sectors. It was around commercial and charitable organisations and their differences in ethos and value.
‘Can commercial businesses have a charitable aspect? Can charitable organisations have a commercial side?’ Lively debate ensued!


Work by Joy Pitts, artist…

A clear example was demonstrated by Playworks, believing in play. Part of their work, in using and distributing recycled materials, was to work with an artist, Joy Pittscontemporary art from people and their garments – who has created works of art which are not only stunningly beautiful, but also of real value.

It was all about creating new pathways to social outcome for mainstream business. These outcomes are no longer the sole remit of the Third Sector in the UK, with many SME’s particularly, being interested in how they can build social outcome into their business profile, delivery and surplus generation.

Other Social Businesses supporting SEEM at the event include…

Arch Communications
Choice Unlimited
Food Freedom
Nottingham Social Impact Fund

Our partnership can help you achieve these aims.

Looking forward to the future…..

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