brBunker Roy explains an amazing college and concept in Rajasthan, India. An extraordinary school teaches rural women and men — many of them illiterate — to become solar engineers, artisans, dentists and doctors in their own villages.

It’s called the Barefoot College.

Through TED, Bunker Roy, founder of Barefoot College explains that it works without money or qualifications. In fact if you have any qualifications you are not able to attend.

In remote villages in India and also Afghanistan, projects which have benefited the communities have reshaped people’s lives. The women have been given training and help to make projects work. They made solar cables and equipment to bring light to their villages. Imagine the difference that light at night has made to their lives. The cost is negligible and uses resources like sunlight, always there.

‘What is the best way to communicate?’ asks Bunker Roy. ‘Is it telephone, television…. No telewoman!’

It is an engaging video and inspiring speaker with a calm and quiet confidence. Despite having the best education in India Bunker Roy wanted to work with the villages, his mother wouldn’t speak to him for 5 years.

No money no problem! And even a project to make puppets out of recycled World Bank papers!!

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