Increasing digital participation!

digitalWorldPicThe Digital Participation Fund deadline is approaching. Applications have to be with the fund by 5.00 p.m. on the 1st. June 2010, for this first round.

Designed to support initiatives that increase participation in online activities, get more from already being online and to get help to exploit the real social and economic benefits of being online.

The Fund is open to any charity or incorporated organisation, with the Fund stating that there is likely to be several rounds of funding available over the next three years.

The Fund notes say they are looking for projects of any size, that can be evaluated, replicated and that offer depth and breadth to internet access.

You can get full details of the Fund, the aims it has and all the forms for application here, in both PDF and Word format.

If you are already helping people get access to the online world, or are planning to, check out the Digital Participation Consortium.

Supporting SME’s/Social Enterprise – your next move

chesspiecePicThe Supply National SME Engagement Programme is an initiative to raise awareness of, and to make more effective, the ability of smaller enterprises to bid for public sector contracts.

By visiting the NSEP website you can see what events and workshops are available in your region, and get information about forthcoming procurement conferences.

These are all events that can help the SME/social business develop their bid strategy, refine their ability to respond to pre-qualification questionnaires and deliver a better final bid.

The site also offers the chance to download a copy of the Guide to Winning Contracts – with twenty tips to help hone your bidding skills.

The public sector marketplace is crowded and competitive, but this information can definitely help you prepare better and win more.