Julia Gillard and The Inaugural Annual Mackworth Lecture

Image 2We were invited to the Annual Mackworth Lecture on June 18th and extremely interested to listen to Julia Gillard, the previous Australian Prime Minister.

The lecture was established and delivered by the Institute of Directors ( IOD), Pall Mall, London and in connection with Australia and new Zealand Festival of Literature and Arts.Margaret Mackworth was elected the first woman president of the IOD in 1926 and was a member of the Suffragettes. In May 1915 she was returning with her father, Lord Rhonda on the RMS Lusitania and was one of the few survivors.

A woman of spirit, with audacity and resilience.

Julia Gillard talked about her time in office in Australia and her experience of gender harassment and capacity to deal with that. There is certainly more than a little sense of spirit, audacity and resilience about Julia too!

Julia is strongly interested in education across the world and especially in developing countries. She is a strong part of Global Partnership for Education and she talked with great passion about the need to act quickly to give all children a primary education, and especially girls.Image 3

The Unesco report, Education for All, makes interesting reading for all of us passionate about education as a right not a privilege.

Sue Martin SmithMartin Partnership and Books Go Walkabout