William Tyndale School, UK
& Aleesah Darlison, Australia

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One of our partnership literacy projects has been working in schools and letting children and young people talk to authors across the globe.

Students from Year 6 at William Tyndale Primary School in London, were Skyping with Aleesah Darlison, Australian author from Sydney on Thursday March 13th.

We have been reading two books from Aleesah’s Unicorn Riders series, Quinn’s Riddles and Willow’s Challenge, a fantasy genre for children from 8 – 11 years.

The students were speaking with Aleesah in Sydney and using our project technology, engaged with Aleesah on the interactive white board in their own classroom.

Aleesah bought her books to life, using character props, answering questions and talking about life in Australia.An image of life 'down under'...

Books Go Walkabout project – a SmithMartin LLP project providing real time conversations, speaking with authors in different countries, creating inspiration, reading more books, illustrating a world of diversity.

Visit and subscribe for free to Book Monitor  , the Books go Walkabout project blog.

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Parent’s Participation Research at Daycare Trust

Parents’ Forum at Granard Children’s Centre in Wandsworth


Daycare Trust has been exploring the range of volunteering opportunities and parent participation initiatives being managed by local authorities and Children’s Centres in England.

The Parents’ Forum at Granard Children’s Centre, which is part of Granard Primary School, is an excellent example of supporting parents in the community. Parents have a voice and place to share thoughts, ideas and skills in a positive and encouraging atmosphere.

Governance and organisation are key to the structure and delivery of a community based programme of activities. At Granard, involvement through the Parents’ Forum is the mechanism which enables a range of activities and services. Not only do they meet the government agenda but are also relevant to the needs of parents.

In the Daycare Trust report it states, ” Parents have described the Parents’ Forum as good for self esteem, socialising and developing new ideas. It also provides a reason for leaving home on Monday mornings and lifts depression.”

SmithMartin Partnership LLP is proud to be a member of Daycare Trust.

Sue Martin

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