Forest Schools at Children’s Centres

forest school Bkmark

We’re going on a dinosaur hunt!

We are working with a children’s centre in the London Borough of Wandsworth and developing the Forest school project.

To really fire some imaginations and persuade people to come out of their flats, get some fresh air and exercise, we planned a dinosaur hunt. It was a great success.

From the 6 weeks before we had never had more that 2 or 3 keen young foresters.

But with the lure of a free dinosaur and the Big Bookmarks spreading the word we found that we had over 20 parents and 26 children.



Walking up from the Centre, across the estate, over the main road and into the heath the line just became bigger and bigger. Fantastic!



t rex


We searched for dinosaurs, we found them in all sorts of places, we even met with the ranger and his horse. What a morning.

And best of all was the delight of the children as they ran down the pathways, explored under the bushes and came to terms with the wellie boots on their feet!

What benefits could you find around the corner of your Centre? Ask us to design a Big Bookmark for your special event.

Sue Martin

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