Being brave with the budget! Websites…..

eve2Children’s Centres Budgets are getting close to the end of the financial year.

If you want to find a way to spend the last of the budget wisely giving benefit for many years ahead read on about Children’s Centre websites.

March comes round alarmingly quickly after the New Year. Finance officers, bursars and business managers will even now be making plans to make sure the last of the money is spent. That generally means by the end of February spending plans are committed.

This year no one is sure what the new budgets will bring. We can almost guarantee that they will, at best be a continuation budget.

What can be done to ensure that the good work continues? The people in the communities will still be out there, they know how good Sure Start Children’s Centres are.

At a meeting last week, a Dad who had been much involved with his children’s centre was speaking about his journey. From possibility of losing his children following a divorce he had been supported by the fathers worker at the centre. His life had really turned around.

His message was, ” Get the word out there!”

A parent’s forum recently said, ” A good website is the way to go. Everyone has access somehow. But they need to be up to date. We need to know what’s happening”

SmithMartin Partnership is committed to the best in websites for Children’s Centres. We design, host and deliver many sites. They are individually designed, updated weekly or monthly, and have many links, people can spend hours on them. One of the latest is Barclay Children Centre, Walthamstow.They even create a link between the UK and extended families all over the world. Grandparents for instance can find out what’s happening even though they’re miles away. Language is no barrier either, we translate into over 30 languages.

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