Daycare Trust Annual Conference 16th November 2010

First Steps to next ste&Oeps: securing the future of childcare?

A lively and interesting day at the annual Daycare Trust Conference held at One Great George St, in the heart of Westminster, London.

A time of change, as Acting Chief Executive, Anand Shukla confidently continues to bring increasing research and consultancy dimensions, following Alison Garnham’s lead. Alison is now chief executive at Child Poverty Action Group. Both Sarah Teather, Minister of State for Children and Families and Sharon Hodgson the shadow education minister brought their views and positions for the future of childcare.

An interesting piece of research was presented by Kate Groucott, Policy Director for Daycare Trust, on Informal Childcare; Choice or Chance. Some excellent research and a scope which spreads far and wide into how families actually manage their childcare needs. A range of formal provision with an ongoing use of friends and families to make it all work. patOften called the patchwork of childcare and in the past seen as a way of bypassing the formality of Ofsted and expensive childcare.

The research brought out the feel of why parents use families and friends; and it is so often both because of the level of trust and confidence parents have with people close to them, and also it can be flexible in making a bridge between home and childcare or school. It is less expensive and becomes an effective bartering system as people work with each other to make lives easier and better too for the children.

At the end of the conference the new chair person, Maggie Darling expressed that Daycare Trust would continue to hold the government to account on behalf of parents and families and would continue to campaign for Early Years and for school age childcare and especially to ensure that children with special needs were supported.

Rita Stringfellow, the outgoing Chair for the last six years will be much missed. She has seen Daycare Trust go through some interesting changes and has been a stalwart in keeping on the right tracks with developing a strong team alongside.

Daycare Trust continues to be at the helm as the National Childcare Charity campaigning for quality, accessible childcare for all and raising the voices of children, parents and families.

Sue Martin, SmithMartin Partnership LLP – working with children, families and communities.

Renegotiating Value; Bonus or Pro Bono

mf‘Bonus vs Pro Bono’ is the second in a series of Renegotiating ‘value’ seminars and seeks to explore the value of inspirational leadership in business. The seminar will be held in the St Martin’s Hall at St Martin-in-the-Fields (Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 4JJ) on Thursday 4th November between 4.00 and 6.30pm.

SmithMartin Partnership is pleased to work with Faith in London’s Economy who are delivering this series of seminars concerned with ‘values’ .

Looking at the way our economic system is geared more to the development of wealth for its own sake rather than being socially beneficial and sustainable with a sense of stewardship around our most vulnerable members of the community.

Join us at St Martin’s in the Fields on Thursday 4th November for an interesting and thought provoking afternoon.

The seminar speakers are:

* Peter Hyson (Change Perspectives Ltd) has specialised in leadership development, working with both individuals and strategic teams to boost high performance. He has clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. His consultancies have included working with Directors in Professional Services, promoted because of their exceptional technical skills, to adjust to learning people-leadership skills; and a major Organisation Development project with a Government Department to re-assess its work-culture.

He says, “After at least four separate careers, the key theme – and what excites me – is helping people and organisations exceed their expectations, to feel they have power and influence.” These portfolio careers also reflect an eclectic range of business skills and interests, including story-writing, for both business and pleasure and he will shortly be publishing a book about coaching and the “third IQ” – spirituality. His favourite management development insight is “The great coach is the one who brings out the greatness in others” (Nancy Kline)

Baroness Uddin is a Labour Peer and was the first Muslim woman in the House of Lords. Born in Bangladesh and brought up in England, she is an advocate of social reforms and equal rights. A formidable champion for women, Lady Uddin was invited to the House of Lords in 1998 for her contribution to the advancement of women’s and disability rights. She began her professional and political career in the 1970’s, in the East End of London, developing a number of leading edge and well-regarded services and organisations.

Many of these have since come to be accepted as benchmarks for sustainable development and community engagement. Baroness Uddin has served on the Government’s Select Committee on European Affairs and has chaired several Government task forces, under the auspices of the Prime Minister’s office, the Home Office and the FCO. She also chaired the Government’s Task force on Ethnic Minority Women Councilors.

To register for the seminar, which costs £5.00, phone 020 8599 2170 or email

Sue Martin