Books for a school in the Philippines

Books for Philippines
Packing for the Philippines…

Books Go Walkabout have recently sent parcels of books to the Philippines with parents from Kellett Care, delivering social projects for Kellett School, Hong Kong.

Committee members and parents are travelling to the Philippines to meet directly with the teachers and children, and delivering the books as part of their work with Kellett Care. They are also taking goods that have been bought with funds from parents and these packages include essential items for the school, such as pencils, paper and stationary.

The books from Books Go Walkabout are picture books and will be used by the school to enable further work on reading and writing. We hope that this will bring some stories of faraway places to their shores and also to help and encourage them in learning to read and to write.

We are hoping to continue our work with the school in the future and help in other ways to support reading, writing and communication. We want to share aour love of reading and sharing stories and books across the world.

Books Go Walkabout is a global project, based in Cambridge, UK and is a part of SmithMartin Partnership LLPVisit Books go Walkabout on-line...

Sue Martin & Tim Smith

DolphinBookBox returns

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All our services in one place…

We have recently re-energised our oldest brand, DolphinBookBox. Some 10 years or so ago this was the delivery mechanism on-line for our community library and book delivery service.

What we have found recently is that, after over a decade of development, our Partnership ‘elevator pitch’ – what is it you do? – was getting longer and longer.

To stop our meeting attendees glazing over, as if they would, we have recompiled the BookBox web site and converted it into a feature suite for our miscellany of Partnership projects and services.

There is a logic to our Partnership offering, with inter-connected themes for all our work.

Our print and design service keys into our community web service, our project management efforts around community buildings key into our skills in governance and policy advice.

Our children’s book business delivery synergises with our international on-line contact project Books go Walkabout, which itself feeds projects into our publishing house activities for new eBooks and recharged back catalogue creation….and so on.

You can see the connections all on one website here, at

SmithMartin LLP – diverse connnectivity and services for your project.

Primary School Library Charter

slaI wonder which book it was for you that made sure you were a reader for life?

Schools have always been places where, at the very least there were shelves of books and special places just for reading. Or maybe, like me, the best place for reading was perched in a tree, far away from anyone, with time and space just to read.

If schools are lucky they will already have a designated library or reading space. And now that the curriculum is a little freer there is time to re-find space and commitment to libraries in schools.

Primary schools are the first places for children to get into books and explore a world beyond their home and classrooms. The new Primary School Library Charter is a fantastic resource for developing that library. It is packed with good ideas, practical solutions and resources for making sure that the library will succeed.

The SmithMartin Partnership is committed to the future of reading and exploration, education and IT to enhance creativity and a better start in life. At the Dolphin Bookbox website you can find some of the projects and resources we have about libraries. For the very small groups we can offer a package for a Book Corner.

Visit the School Library Association website for a copy of the Primary School Library charter.

Dolphin extends new book promotion

Great books – DolphinBookSellers have extended their successful children’s book promotion for the New Year.

The Dolphin is offering 25 high quality children’s books for just £95 delivered.

This is a great way to get to know us. We are happy to research any theme you would like to explore in children’s books and make up a list of your selection. Just ask us?

Apart from adding a specific theme to your library, get some great thank you gifts for staff, volunteers or parents and carers.

See the Dolphinbooksellers web site for more details.