New ways to search in 2017

We do a lot of desk research on the web, to find protocols we can recommend to clients, as well as looking for new material and content for the web sites we produce, for ourselves and others.

Using the big search engines is fine, but sometimes on a wet Wednesday in March, you long for the search sensation to be a bit livelier, a bit un-normative.

Here are some suggestions.

Answer the Public

Developed to deliver consumer insight in the ‘Age of Google’. We used our standard format testing keyword ‘trees’ and the search results looked like this.

Answer the Public question search....
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You can choose a variety of approaches to your keyword or phrase. We bet the next time you are deliberating over some stats, or working on a bid, the Answer the Public might help refresh the text.

It really does offer insights and approaches to subjects which, although designed for marketing professionals, can help refresh a jaded search palette.

Using natural language processing, the search engine claims to identify relationships between documents and data that are ‘overlooked by conventional search engines‘.

pdfsearcg page - new relationships in information
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With over 18 million documents in their database, you are sure to find new data and information for your project or narrative.


‘Search for PDF, Office DOCS, books, images, videos, shopping, word definitions, and more! You can focus on popular sites for topics such as health, business, journals, sports, or recipes, or you can limit the search to EDU/GOV sites, or look deeper into Wikipedia, gene therapy @wikipedia . Google or Bing are still one-click away when you need it!’

re:search - a new qway to search
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You can conduct your search in privacy, with no intrusive advertisements and can pivot your search to a new variety of search sources with a single click.

See re:search here.

Another secure, private search engine that offers a new insight into your chosen subject. No tracking, just search. Looks and sounds like Google, but with none of the lingering oversight, allegedly.

Oscobo - web search made private in the UK
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Worked quite quickly on our standard searches too.

Oscobo is a UK-based company founded by two guys who left their corporate jobs to work towards a belief they both shared – that personal data should remain just that, personal.

Disillusioned with the corporate world and that the private individual is paying for what seems to be “free” internet content, they felt it was time to turn the tables the other way round.

Oscobo is the only UK based Privacy Search Engine that does not track or store the user’s data’.    Source:    Accessed: 03.01.2017

Whatever new changes and needs for your project in 2017, all our best wishes from SmithMartin LLP.  If we can help, with or without a search, just ask. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

Tackling Charity Social Media?

View or download your copy here… have just published a new, very comprehensive charity social media tookit.

The work, by Zoe Amar and David Evans offers the sector a profoundly useful resource to grasp the first principles of social media. Helping you to understand the workflow and context needed and to be able to create and deploy a social media strategy of utility to your organisation.

‘We wrote this guide for everyone, from all-hands-on-deck small charity workers to experienced digital managers in need of inspiration. Most of all, we want you to finish reading this guide bursting with ideas, strategies and tactics for your organisation’.

Spread over eight chapters the toolkit includes:

  • Your Social Media Strategy
  • Putting Social Into Action
  • How to Grow Your Social Network
  • How to Campaign and Fundraise with Social
  • Social Media Style and Consistency
  • Social Analytics in Advertising
  • Employee Social Media in Advocacy
  • The Future of Social Media for Non-Profits

Whatever your level of engagement with your partners, donors and funders or service users, then this toolkit should prove invaluable in refining your strategy, improving your audience interest and engagement, as well as adding to your social media skills as a professional.

You can access the toolkit on-line directly here, or download your own pdf copy here.

SmithMartin LLP are providers of web and communication services to the charity, education, social and community enterprise sectors.

We are happy to help any organisation across the UK to develop a web presence or new media strategy at any time. Contact us here.

Building the charitable web as a compassionate social business.

smp Plain Button
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Forest Schools at Children’s Centres

forest school Bkmark

We’re going on a dinosaur hunt!

We are working with a children’s centre in the London Borough of Wandsworth and developing the Forest school project.

To really fire some imaginations and persuade people to come out of their flats, get some fresh air and exercise, we planned a dinosaur hunt. It was a great success.

From the 6 weeks before we had never had more that 2 or 3 keen young foresters.

But with the lure of a free dinosaur and the Big Bookmarks spreading the word we found that we had over 20 parents and 26 children.



Walking up from the Centre, across the estate, over the main road and into the heath the line just became bigger and bigger. Fantastic!



t rex


We searched for dinosaurs, we found them in all sorts of places, we even met with the ranger and his horse. What a morning.

And best of all was the delight of the children as they ran down the pathways, explored under the bushes and came to terms with the wellie boots on their feet!

What benefits could you find around the corner of your Centre? Ask us to design a Big Bookmark for your special event.

Sue Martin

SmithMartin Partnership – Broadening horizons and inspiring neighbourhoods in the community

Startup Britain – a useful web resource?

The machinery of social business developmentThe ‘Startup Britain’ web site has the support of the Prime Minister – but is it, as some commentators have cynically described a government backed web link-farm – offering already available resources to a jaded audience?

If you have been working in the Third Sector for some time, the notion of volunteering, enterprise generation at a community level and the support of young people and the economically disenfranchised will not have the same bright patina as the media and government might suggest. You will have been doing all of it for some time.

However, any portal which brings together diverse information and advice, as well as providing access to enterprise offers, will by its very nature offer knowledge to startups and new enterprises, whether social or not, which might remain undiscovered if not aggregated in the way that the Startup Britain site does, we would argue.

There is a lengthy article debating the negative aspects of Startup Britain on the PostDesk site.

Yes, the site does contain offers from commercial sources which are available elsewhere. Just as the Startup Britain web site is itself not by government, but a private sector organisation driven by a group of existing entrepreneurs.

However, starting a community or social enterprise, or even supporting the emergence of any small local business is a complex and resource intensive process. When you are completely enveloped in your own organisation it is easy to assume knowledge, to assume that ‘everyone must know this’.

They do not and the positive contribution that an aggregator site like Startup Britain can deliver is large, we think. The site does allow you to sign up for so-called offers, and yes they are available elsewhere, but there is also a wealth of information and advice on business planning, insurance, finance, funding and getting your basic business idea right in the first place.

The point being that you can review all of it in one place and leaven it all through the ethical and philosophical filter of our sector. Whether your business idea is for mainstream commerce or the community sector, you still need to grapple with the beasts of cash flow, risk, operational delivery, marketing and business planning.

We think Startup Britain is a creditable source of inspiration and ideas, for entrepreneurs in any sector. Some of the sources from the site we liked were Smarta – broad advice and resources for businesses of all types, the Brightideastrust – very innovational support for inner city young entrepreneurs and Springwise – a terrific source of business ideas to get your creativity going.

In the social business sector how you make your money is vital, but when made it’s what you do with it for your community of interest that really counts. Start a social enterprise today…and see the real change you can make. That’s the big idea for the big society.

Being brave with the budget! Websites…..

eve2Children’s Centres Budgets are getting close to the end of the financial year.

If you want to find a way to spend the last of the budget wisely giving benefit for many years ahead read on about Children’s Centre websites.

March comes round alarmingly quickly after the New Year. Finance officers, bursars and business managers will even now be making plans to make sure the last of the money is spent. That generally means by the end of February spending plans are committed.

This year no one is sure what the new budgets will bring. We can almost guarantee that they will, at best be a continuation budget.

What can be done to ensure that the good work continues? The people in the communities will still be out there, they know how good Sure Start Children’s Centres are.

At a meeting last week, a Dad who had been much involved with his children’s centre was speaking about his journey. From possibility of losing his children following a divorce he had been supported by the fathers worker at the centre. His life had really turned around.

His message was, ” Get the word out there!”

A parent’s forum recently said, ” A good website is the way to go. Everyone has access somehow. But they need to be up to date. We need to know what’s happening”

SmithMartin Partnership is committed to the best in websites for Children’s Centres. We design, host and deliver many sites. They are individually designed, updated weekly or monthly, and have many links, people can spend hours on them. One of the latest is Barclay Children Centre, Walthamstow.They even create a link between the UK and extended families all over the world. Grandparents for instance can find out what’s happening even though they’re miles away. Language is no barrier either, we translate into over 30 languages.

If you would like to talk to us contact

Sue Martin @ SmithMartin Partnership LLP – bringing innovation to communities